Employee Theft at a Sydney Department Store

A department store in Sydney had noticed that stock levels for a particular brand of luxury watches had been slowly decreasing over the course of several months. The store’s management team decided to take action and investigate the matter, suspecting that an employee may have been responsible for the theft.

The department store decided to engage a polygraph testing company to conduct a series of tests on their employees. The purpose of the test was to identify whether or not any employees had been involved in the theft of the luxury watches.

The tests were carried out on a group of employees who had access to the watches. The tests revealed that one employee in particular had been deceptive in their answers when questioned about the theft.

The employee in question was confronted by management and initially denied the allegations. However, when presented with the results of the polygraph test, the employee admitted to stealing the watches over a period of several months.

The employee was immediately dismissed from their position and the matter was reported to the police. Thanks to the polygraph testing company, the department store was able to identify and terminate the employment of the dishonest employee and take appropriate action to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
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A well-known Australian supermarket chain recently contacted our lie detection company with a request to investigate a series of thefts at one of their stores in Sydney. The store management suspected that some of their employees were stealing goods, and wanted to find out who was responsible.

The Investigation

We conducted a series of polygraph tests on the employees suspected of theft, all of whom initially denied any involvement. However, one employee’s responses during the test raised red flags, indicating possible deception.

Further Investigation

We began investigating the employee further, and discovered that he had been stealing from the store on a regular basis. We were able to recover a significant amount of stolen goods, including electronics and clothing, from the employee’s home.


Thanks to our polygraph test and further investigation, we were able to identify the culprit and recover stolen goods worth thousands of dollars. The supermarket chain was able to take appropriate action against the employee, and implement measures to prevent future theft.


Polygraph tests can be a valuable tool in identifying deception and resolving cases of theft in the workplace. Our lie detection services can help businesses in Australia and beyond protect their assets and prevent financial losses due to employee theft.

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