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Reveal the truth with Canberra’s leading polygraph testing service. At Lie Detector Test Australia, we provide accurate, reliable, and confidential lie detector tests, guiding you towards the answers you seek.

The Trusted Name in Polygraph Testing

Lie Detector Test Australia is synonymous with integrity and professionalism. Our team of highly trained and certified polygraph examiners conduct each test with precision, fairness, and the utmost respect for your privacy.

Confidentiality is Our Promise

We recognize the sensitive nature of polygraph tests. All our interactions, from your initial inquiry to the conclusion of the test, are conducted with 100% confidentiality. We adhere strictly to protocols that ensure the security of your data and results.

Employing Advanced Polygraph Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art polygraph technology to deliver highly accurate results. Our sophisticated equipment measures and records physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rates, and perspiration, enabling reliable detection of deception.

Serving a Wide Range of Needs

Lie Detector Test Australia is equipped to handle diverse scenarios:

  • Personal Matters: Relationship issues, family disputes, personal theft allegations.
  • Legal Cases: Criminal defence, probation compliance, witness verification.
  • Business Concerns: Pre-employment screening, internal theft investigations, corporate fraud.

Centrally Located in Canberra

Our Canberra branch is conveniently situated, offering our services in a comfortable, discreet, and professional environment. We ensure that distance is not a hindrance to your pursuit of truth.

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