Polygraph testing, also known as lie detector testing, is a process that involves a series of procedures and equipment designed to collect physiological data to detect any involuntary responses when the examinee is asked specific questions.

Pre-Test Interview

The first step in the process is a thorough pre-test interview with the examinee. This allows the examiner to discuss the issues and prepare the examinee for the testing. During the interview, the examiner will explain the equipment and how the test works, as well as discuss the issue and the questions that will be asked. It is important to define proper questions to ensure that the examinee is certain they are being truthful and to avoid any poorly worded questions interfering with the test results.

Practice Test

After the pre-test interview, the examiner conducts a practice test unrelated to the actual test. This gives the examinee a chance to get used to wearing the equipment and also allows the examiner to set up the equipment for that person.

Polygraph Equipment

The polygraph equipment is designed to collect physiological data created by the involuntary part of the central nervous system. The equipment records and measures any changes in blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and sweat gland activity, which are associated with deception. During the test, the examinee is asked relevant questions, and the examiner records and analyzes the physiological data collected.

No Need for Anxiety

It is worth noting that nerves or anxiety do not affect the test results since everyone has some apprehension when taking a test. Anxiety is not part of the details collected, and is observed and registered before the actual testing is conducted.

Multiple Tests

The actual test is conducted a number of times, and the results are determined after analyzing all of the data collected during the testing process. This process may take up to two and a half hours, with the actual time connected to the equipment only a small part of the overall process.


In conclusion, the polygraph testing process is designed to determine whether someone is being truthful, and the process involves thorough preparation, equipment set-up, and analysis of the collected physiological data. If you require polygraph testing in Australia, it is crucial to ensure that you choose a professional examiner with the necessary qualifications and experience to ensure that the testing process is conducted properly and that the results are accurate.